Monday, September 22, 2008

"He said what?!"

On Friday, Eastan was playing on the computer while waiting for the bus. I looked at the clock and saw it was past time for him to go outside. I told him that he better get out outside or he would miss the bus. This sent him into a panic. "I don't know where my shoes are!" he cried. I looked down and they were sitting at my feet. Frantically (I'm not exaggerating here!) he put them on as he cried, "I am going to miss the bus!" I looked out the window, "The bus is there Eastan."

As Eastan ran out the door, I called after him "be careful!" At that moment he bit it. Then he laid there for a while.

"You're okay, buddy. Get up and get on the bus!" I said. He just stood there crying and then began to walk back to the house. I waved the bus driver on.

Before you start to think that I was being mean and the least bit sympathetic, I have to tell you that he fell on the wet grass. This was not a fall on the concrete.

He came inside and his jeans were wet from the dew on the grass. I got him a dry pair of jeans and a new t-shirt. After he changed, I told him that we should hurry so we could catch the bus while it was still in the neighborhood.

This is when it happened. Eastan looked down at his wet duffel bag, kicked it and said, "shit."

Ashley (shocked): Did you just say 'shit'?
Eastan (nonchalantly): Yes, I am mad.
Ashley (still shocked that he is acting like it's no big deal): I don't care if you're mad. You can't just say that.

As those words left my mouth, I felt like a hypocrite. How many times have I used that word when I was mad. I haven't used it around Eastan, but I've used it. How many times, when I was in 4th grade, did I cuss with my friends thinking it was "cool."

I didn't know what to do. I had a flash of The Christmas Story run through my head. You know, the part where Ralphie cusses when he drops all the bolts in the road while helping his dad change the tire. I thought about putting Eastan up on the counter and sticking a bar of soap in his mouth. But I didn't and I had no idea what to do. So we got in the car and I dropped Eastan off at another bus stop.

I called Nick when I got back home to tell him our story. His response, "He said what?! You didn't do anything?"

Suggestions on how to handle this situation the next time my (almost) 10 year old throws out the s-bomb or worse?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I began reading the Twilight Saga this summer and am now on the fourth and final book. Amazingly, I haven't had any vampire themed dreams...until last night. I had a very vivid dream that I was about to be bitten by a vampire.

For those of you who have not read any of the Twilight books, here is a little background. According the Stephanie Meyer (author of the series) when a human is bitten by a vampire, the venom flows into your blood and burns your insides as you transition into a vampire. This process lasts approximately three days. THREE DAYS of your insides burning!

So, back to my dream...I was on my kitchen counter with my knees up to my chest, pushing myself against the back splash. The vampire was laughing at me, telling me that I could not get away. I kept begging him to not do it. "Please! I don't want to be in pain for three days. I don't want to be immortal!"My mind was flooded with thoughts from the book as I remembered all I have "learned" about the agonizing transition from human to vampire. I was so scared but I couldn't do anything about it! I was bitten by the vampire.

This morning before getting ready for work, I sat down with my coffee and read another chapter of Breaking Dawn. I have a little under 200 pages left and I will be finished with the series. But don't you worry! Twilight, the first installment of movies based on the series is coming to theaters November 21. I hate to admit that I have watched the movie trailers multiple times. I am officially a twlighter. I am bitten.

Now Boarding the Bandwagon's the new trend among our family and friends. Nick suggested that we (meaning I) start a blog. My response was, "What would I write about?" After thinking about it the past few weeks and reading other blogs, I realized I could write about anything. Even the every day mundane life we live. If anything, I can look to see where we have been and where we are going.

Warning: If you know me at all, you will know I tend to tell what is on my mind even if it's totally inappropriate. Saying that, I am sure you will read posts that tell too much personal information, make no sense at all or make you laugh and cry.
Welcome to my family!

At a Cardinals game in May
Brooke and Tyler's wedding reception
E at Kanakuk