Saturday, March 28, 2009


Team Domination had its first co-ed softball game last night. On the way to the park, I began to feel completely unprepared and nervous. I had my little league softball glove in my lap, the same one I played with about 20 years ago (holy cow...20 years ago!). It still had my name and phone number written on it. Ashley Bradley 736-2310. Maybe that was part of the problem. Other than our practice a week ago, I hadn't played softball since my little league days.

Nick tried to calm my nerves by telling me to just keep my "eye on the ball." Sounds easy enough, right? I told him that I tried to do that at practice but didn't always connect with the ball. He said I had to watch it through, "watch the ball hit your bat and swing through." His pep talk took me back to my little league days too. It reminded me of the same pep talk my dad used to give me before my games. I always wanted to make my dad proud at the games and I found myself wanting to make Nick proud of me too.

We got to the park, found our team, warmed up, and took the field. I played left center with Nick at left field and our friend Trip at right center. This wasn't going to be as bad as I thought because I knew that Nick or Trip would be able to get the ball if I needed help. The ball did come to me once, I got it but got nervous and tossed it to Nick to throw in for me.

When it was time for me to bat, I tried to calm my nerves. It was pretty anti-climatic as the pitcher walked me. I guess he knew not to mess with the Queen (see yesterday's post)! The second time I was up to bat, I walked again. The third time, I hit the ball to third base and made it on first. I was so excited! That was really all I wanted to do - hit the ball and not strike out.

Our team did an awesome job, living up to our team name. We dominated the other team, winning 16 - 4! Our next game is Friday at 7:30. If you don't have plans, come to Summers at the River for a little domination!

Friday, March 27, 2009


My middle name is Rena, pronounced with a long "a", usually spelled Renee. Most people who see my middle name, pronounce it with a short "a."

Today, at my grandma's, I was zoning out while staring at a piece of her mail. Although she goes by Jane, her first name is Lorena and as I stared at her name, I saw that my middle name was part of her name. I asked my mom if she spelled my name r-e-n-a because of Lorena, l-o-R-E-N-A. My mom said no, but that if I wanted to go by Rena, with a short "a" sound, I could and say I was named after my grandma. My dad then said that Rena (with the short "a" sound) means "queen" in Spanish. That confirmed my decision. I will now be Ashley Rena (with a short "a" sound) Hill. For those close to me, Queen will do.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I think I jinxed myself. My last post was about how bored I was at work. Since then, I have been SO busy! As most of you know, I am the communications director at the American Cancer Society. My job consists of writing press releases, pitching story ideas to the media, securing media sponsorships and a basketful of other things that I don't care to go into detail about.

When I get home at night and on the weekends, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer and write something. My creative wheels have been spent. Not to say that events haven't happened over the past few months that have made me think, "I need to blog about this!" Several things have happened. Here is a quick, non-creative run-down:
  • We spent a weekend in January with 12 close friends at a cabin near Branson. We were suppose to go to Arkansas but they had no power due to the ice storm. Not willing to cancel our highly anticipated weekend, we came up with a Plan B and secured a really neat spot in Blue Eye.
  • I joined a bookclub.
  • Our good friends, Jason & Katie are getting married in November. Katie and I have been dress shopping twice and found the perfect dress for her. She is going to look so pretty! Added bonus...I get to be in the wedding!
  • Speaking of Jason & Katie - we went to their engagement party on Saturday.
  • We painted our bathroom green and brown.
  • We started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University bible study. Since then we have paid off my car and will have Nick's paid off in May.
  • Nick is crazy deep in March Madness. It's pretty bad. When I complained about the constant basketball on our tv he said, "Just let me have my March Madness." I am ready for baseball so I can see my lovely Pujols in his baseball pants.
  • Eastan beat Halo 1. He is pretty excited about it.
  • Almost forgot a big one! We are on a co-ed softball team. Much more about that later!
  • Eastan made it to his last quarter of 4th grade alive!
  • Jax is having surgery on Friday. Two lypomas (I don't think I spelled that right) are being removed.

Stay tuned for more blogging...I haven't given it up. Just took a little hiatus.