Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Final Day!

Today is the LAST full day of being pregnant. Unless, I am in labor for a LONG time tomorrow... which I hope is not the case.

Here is a little snapshot of the months leading up to Sienna's arrival. WARNING: Belly pics are included and I'm in my undies in one picture!

Now I'm off for a walk! One last attempt to go into labor on my own!

Pregnant and Preparing for Sienna

Thursday, April 22, 2010


279: Number of days I have been pregnant
39 & 6: Number of weeks & days I have been pregnant
9 & 3/4: Number of months I have been pregnant
1: Day left before my due date
6: Realistic number of days left in in my pregnancy

Either way you look at it, I've been pregnant a long freakin' time! Although I know it's not any longer than most women, when it's your body, it seems like a long time. Why do "they" say women are pregnant for nine months when it's really 10?

This morning, I was getting ready for my doctor appointment and in a very optimistic mood. Our bags have been packed and ready for a few weeks now. The only items missing are those that will have to wait until last minute such as toothbrush, makeup, deodorant, etc. So, before the doctor appointment, I packed the remaining items and loaded the bags into the car. I was sure something would happen either during the appointment or while I was running errands after. My optimism failed me.

My doctor told me I haven't had any change in the past two weeks. I'm still only dilated to 2 cm and 50% effaced. She said she would be surprised if I progressed on my own...although I could surprise her by coming in with my water broken. She scheduled me to be induced on Wednesday night. Nick and I will check into the hospital Wednesday night at 8 p.m. I will have a pill inserted that will soften my cervix, sleep through the night (if we aren't too anxious), and then start pitocin in the morning. At least I have a deadline in my head. I'm disappointed but having a set date helps.

I have joked that I have an uber cozy womb and Sienna just isn't ready to leave. My other theory is that Sienna is shy like I was as a child (I know, hard to imagine, right?) and isn't ready to meet all the people who are anxiously waiting to meet her. Either way, here I am...still pregnant.

Friday, April 16, 2010

With only a few days (hopefully) left of being pregnant, I have been thinking a lot about what I will look forward to when I am no longer with child. Nick and I plan to have another baby, but in the case those plans change, I want to make sure I remember the good things about being pregnant. Although I am not one of those girls who "love being pregnant," I can't complain about this pregnancy at all. Other than bouts of heartburn, typical pregnancy pains, and having to pee every 10 minutes, it's been a good ride. So, here is a short rundown of what I will miss when I am no longer pregnant.

Hiccups: Sienna has hiccups multiple times a day. It's so funny to watch my belly jump in a rhythmic motion.
Attention: I remember after I had Eastan, I suddenly received no attention. It's a little bit of a shock because you go from everyone asking how you are doing to not even being greeted when you enter a room because people are so excited to see the baby. I mean, I can't even lift a staple at my office without some one trying to help me out. It's annoying at times, but really something I should have taken advantage of early on.
The Foot: I will miss feeling Sienna's foot as it pokes out from the side of my belly. I just picture this cute, little, perfectly round heel pushing from inside as Sienna stretches. I can't wait to see the little foot that causes me pain and joy at the same time!
The Basketball Palm: I will miss the way Nick palms my belly like a basketball with his giant hands. I'll also miss how he has this little laugh when he feels Sienna move. It's so cute.

I'll save what I'm looking forward to so if I'm still pregnant next week, I will have something to blog about. Don't judge if that list is longer and I'm not as sentimental! :)