Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Squirrely Girly Crafts

On Friday, Jessica and I took the day off to shop for Christmas decor at all the little gift shops in town. We visited approximately 11 shops and left each store with disappointment as we told each other that our next stop would be The One. When we did see something that was slightly appealing, one of us would say, "We can make that! All we need are a few pipecleaners, Styrofoam and glitter."
After visiting all the locally owned shops, we went to Pier 1. "Maybe this will be it," I told Jess. "We should have just come here first. All those foo-foo stores just aren't our taste." Again, we left empty handed. How could you disappoint us, Pier 1?

Our final stop was Hobby Lobby. Keep in mind, it was now a little after 4 p.m. and we began our outing at 10 a.m. We looked around at all the Christmas madness that is Hobby Lobby and ended up in the "decorate yourself" isle that was filled with pipecleaners, Styrofoam, glitter, paper mache reindeer, etc. Suddenly, our minds went CRAZY! Jess grabbed a package Styrofoam snowflakes and clear ornaments. I grabbed the paper mache reindeer. From there, we got a bottle of mod podge and headed to the scrapbooking isle. After getting caught up in the dark hole of scrapbooking, we finally found retro Christmas stickers and retro Christmas paper.

I don't think I could fully describe in words how crazy we got at this point. We were coming up with all kinds of ideas and even came up with a name for our new craft business - Squirrely Girly Crafts. We knew we couldn't quit our "day jobs" but we could at least sell our goods on esty.com. We decided not get too out of hand and stick to one project a piece. We finally left Hobby Lobby after about a hour and a half and decided we would spend Saturday afternoon on our crafts.

On Saturday afternoon, Jess came over to my house and we began. Our excitement slowly came to a calm when we realized maybe our ideas weren't so great after all. Nick came into the kitchen every 10 minutes or so and would say a few words of encouragement. After we finished our projects, we sat them out to display and went on to something we are a little better at - knitting.

As the night went on, our creations grew on us. We decided that we would bring them to work with us on Monday to see what our fellow crafty co-workers thought. "Maybe we are being too hard on ourselves and when the girls see them, they will really like them. Carla will tell us that we did a good job! Maybe we can even lead a craft night," I told Jessica.

Monday came and my optimistic thinking didn't pan out so well. Carla laughed, Marti thought we were a little "special" and it went on from there.

Here are a few pictures....constructive criticism is appreciated!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best Movie Theater EVER

This weekend, Eastan, Zoe and I met my friend Carla and her kids at the new Hollywood Theater to see Madagascar 2. Not only did we see a hilarious movie, but we really liked - wait! LOVED the new theater.

Why, you ask, am I making such a big deal over a silly new theater? Let me tell you! If you know me AT ALL, you know that I have a little obsession over popcorn. Well, at Hollywood Theater, there is a butter/salt station. After you get your popcorn, you can walk around the corner and put your own buttery substance on the popcorn yourself. No charge! That's right, no charge! Just stick your bag under the butter machine and push the button. Want to shake your bag around so you don't have all the butter on the top pieces and none on the bottom? Feel free! Shake it a little. Add more butter! AMAZING!

Other awesome features at Hollywood Theater? Oversize seats, movable armrests, stadium seating, etc. Check it out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween festivities. More to come at a later date!

A Word from Eastan...

I think Obama shouldn't be president because he will raise the tax prices, plus that means less food for the poor and less security for our troops and the people in Nicaragua.

I think people should vote for McCain because he will lower tax prices, fund more for the Nicaragua and the military in Iraq.

Vote McCain!