Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best Movie Theater EVER

This weekend, Eastan, Zoe and I met my friend Carla and her kids at the new Hollywood Theater to see Madagascar 2. Not only did we see a hilarious movie, but we really liked - wait! LOVED the new theater.

Why, you ask, am I making such a big deal over a silly new theater? Let me tell you! If you know me AT ALL, you know that I have a little obsession over popcorn. Well, at Hollywood Theater, there is a butter/salt station. After you get your popcorn, you can walk around the corner and put your own buttery substance on the popcorn yourself. No charge! That's right, no charge! Just stick your bag under the butter machine and push the button. Want to shake your bag around so you don't have all the butter on the top pieces and none on the bottom? Feel free! Shake it a little. Add more butter! AMAZING!

Other awesome features at Hollywood Theater? Oversize seats, movable armrests, stadium seating, etc. Check it out!

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Nick, Aubrey, & Ella Mae said...

I want to go there! Like you, I think that a free butter dispenser qualifies as a reason -- nay, THE reason -- to go to a particular theater. Nick always gets irritated with me because I won't eat the plain (non-buttered) pieces of popcorn. I am definitely at high risk for heart attack, but no way I'm giving up my butter! :)