Friday, March 27, 2009


My middle name is Rena, pronounced with a long "a", usually spelled Renee. Most people who see my middle name, pronounce it with a short "a."

Today, at my grandma's, I was zoning out while staring at a piece of her mail. Although she goes by Jane, her first name is Lorena and as I stared at her name, I saw that my middle name was part of her name. I asked my mom if she spelled my name r-e-n-a because of Lorena, l-o-R-E-N-A. My mom said no, but that if I wanted to go by Rena, with a short "a" sound, I could and say I was named after my grandma. My dad then said that Rena (with the short "a" sound) means "queen" in Spanish. That confirmed my decision. I will now be Ashley Rena (with a short "a" sound) Hill. For those close to me, Queen will do.


shannon said...

So Mrs. Queen! It's about time you posted a new blog! I think your middle name is beautiful pronounced either way! Of course Queen seems to fit you better! lol

gmacarolyn said...

Here's what I like: Queen Hillteefah. I love your name - Ashley Rena Hill. Pronounce it however you wish - but like Shannon, I think Queen fits you better. hahahahhaa