Friday, March 9, 2012

Canapé Ile

In case you don't speak French, like me, Canape Ile means Couch Island. (Google Translate comes in handy!) Canape Ile is where Sienna and I have spent the week. As luxurious as this sounds (because everything sounds better in French) I can tell you that it is not a place to vacation. I will be posting my critique on Travel Advisor later today. But because I care so much about you all, I want you to hear it first hand. Do not travel to Canape Ile. Here is a short review:

Environment: Used tissues surround me. To the left, I see a used tissue. To the right, you guess it! A used tissue. Dirty dishes and random items like bottles of nail polish linger around. They really need to hire more maids for this resort.

Entertainment: Entertainment consists of Tangled, Curious George, Blues Clues, Cat in the Hat, and the occasional adult show while my travel companion is napping. Luckily the accommodations include WiFi, but one can only look at FaceBook, Pinterest, other random sites for so long before going crazy.

Language: The primary language spoken at Canape Ile is English. However, at times another language is spoken that I am not familiar with and Google Translator can help this time! The best way I can describe the language is tribal-like, with some whining and pointing.

Travel Companions: If I were stuck on an island or Ile, if you will, I wouldn't want to be with anyone else besides Sienna (other than Nick and Eastan, of course). Despite our living conditions and current health, she has been a trooper. Probably a better patient than me.

Conclusion - Two thumbs down for Canape Ile.



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Thanks for the mention! We're happy to hear you enjoy our interactive story. :) We think it'll be a fun way to pass the time with Test Killer post.

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