Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby

We have approximately 42 days until Sienna arrives. Here is a quick rundown of what the Hills are doing to prepare for "Sugar Bottoms."

I have entered, what I believe is the nesting period. Last week, I made a list of things we needed to do around the house before D-Day. If you were to come by our house last Sunday, you would have found me scrubbing the toilet and the shower with Nick's toothbrush. Don't worry, he had a new one to replace it! Nick cleaned the windows in the house along with the cars and garage. We still have a few more projects but nothing that can't get done in a weekend.

We started our Basic Childbirth Classes on Monday. We opted for the "basic" three week class instead of the six week, Lamaze-type class. As I didn't take classes when I was pregnant with Eastan, I didn't think I needed to learn all the breathing and coping techniques. I made it just fine without them 11 years ago. But since we are at a new hospital and this is Nick's first time in the delivery room, we decided a basic class would be beneficial. We did learn two new things.
1. Do not over stimulate the nipples. This could cause your uterus to contract and put you in early labor.
2. Do not give your self an enema. (Thanks for the advice. Don't think I would have anyway!)
To this, Nick responded, "There goes our weekend."

I also stress about money. It has slowly progressed as we get closer to D-Day. We have been very blessed with AWESOME gifts from friends and family. Even so, there is so much more to buy. I was wide awake at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning adding everything up in my head. I couldn't stop stressing. I also find myself putting items back on the shelf at the grocery store. This weekend, I'm going to attempt to make my own laundry detergent. I know, it's that bad!

I stole this from another blog. I wish I would have done this earlier on. Oh, well. There's always next time!

How far along? 34 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss: 24 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes. I can still pull off a few "regular" shirts if they are longer and have enough stretch to them.

Stretch marks? Unfortunately, yes.

Sleep: Depends on the night. Some nights I sleep really well and normally only get up once in the night to use the bathroom.

Movement: Sienna is a pretty active little girl. I think she was doing aerobics last night. Some movements are starting to hurt a little.

Food cravings: Last week, I ate a doughnut. That's really not normal for me. As always, I crave french fries.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Still in.

What I miss: Wine

What I am looking forward to: Wine


The Silverwood Family said...

34 weeks you are getting really close! I had all three of mine at 37 weeks. Sorry that you are stressed about money, just remember that it will all work out, I promise!!!!!
Oh and 25 pounds?!?!?! That's just not right ;) I gained close to 60 with Jodie :0

Angela Heather Hill said...

I'm with you on the weight gain, Stacy. 50 with both Link and Zoe and that is not combined! Ashley, you look so beautiful! And you have really been disciplined in what you have ate. Nesting is fun. Everything gets so clean!

gmacarolyn said...

So glad to read your post. I thought maybe you had given up. I can't believe that it's getting so close. It's gonna be here before you know it. Nesting - I think every mother does it. Not to worry...

Mimi said...

Don't worry about not having the things that you need. If you discover you still need an item after you have Sienna(or even before)I can always run and get it for you!! Get some sleep (you will need it) and stop stressing out, I can always help you with anything you want me to. Love You!!

shannon said...

I love shopping for baby stuff! Between Mom and me I'm sure you will have ALL that you need! lol I can't wait!