Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boy In the Box

It all began when Eduardo, one of our staff in Nicaragua, asked for a new puppet for his Children's Ministry. Eduardo is working on his ventriloquist skills and found a ventriloquist puppet online that he wanted to purchase. I ordered the puppet for him in late May and the gestation process of this particular puppet was five weeks.

The puppet arrived in his birthday suit and Sienna quickly named him Boy in the Box. We limited her play time with Boy in the Box because we didn't want her to get him dirty. So, Boy in the Box sat in his box in the supply room.

Today, Sienna and I went shopping for Boy in the Box. We needed to get him clothes because heaven for bid, he travel all the way to Nicaragua in his birthday suit. While we were shopping at K-Mart for his clothes, Sienna kept saying, "Get clothes for Boy in the Box." Each time she said it, I looked around waiting to be questioned why I had a boy in a box. I'm still waiting for the police to show up.

When we got to the office, Sienna and I dressed Boy in the Box. They were reunited again. They spent their last hours together watching a Barbie movie (Sienna's choice, not his). Then it was time for Boy in the Box to go back to his box so that he can travel to Nicaragua on Sunday. There were a few tears shed but after Sienna gave him kisses, she knew it was time to say goodbye. 

"So happy together!"

Holding Hands

Watching Barbie

"Daddy, is it okay if Boy in the Box takes me to the movies?"


Mary Ann said...

Great story. I can see future family members of 'boy in a box' joining him in Nicaragua:)

Aubrey said...

Sienna is one brave little girl. One look at that mug and E and K would have been glued to my legs. :)

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness. Your kid is hilarious!!!