Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Perfect Sunday

On Sunday, we went to the Rutledge Wilson Farm with the Bertholdi's. We had a terrific time!

Here are a few things we learned:
1. Eastan was a great big buddy to Finn.
2. Finn likes to poke horses in the eye.
3. The $3/person hayride probably wasn't worth our $9.
4. Pumpkins start out green.
5. Troy is better at milking a cow than Nick.
6. Goats poo looks a lot like black beans.
7. Finn's answer to everything is "no." It's not JUST his response to Ashley.
8. When other people aren't around, Finn really does like Ashley.
9. A corn maze would be better if you couldn't see over the corn stalks.
10. Rutledge Wilson Farm is a really cool place that we never knew about.

All in all, we had a GREAT time. We went to the Bertholdi's for an after "pumpkin patch" party that carried on into the evening. Perfect Sunday.


gmacarolyn said...

What I learned by watching your slideshow:
1. Easton needs a little brother.
2. Finn needs a big brother.
3. You can't ride miniature horses.
4. Some farmer left his gas can sitting on the tractor.
5. You have a handsome family.
6. You have good looking friends.
7. Clydesdale horses are awesome.
8. The biggest rooster gets the hens.

Mimi said...

What a great bunch of pictures and Carolyn is right Eastan needs a sibling, but I think you need a girl to go with your boy. Think how protective he would be of a little sister.