Friday, October 10, 2008

Winner, winner. Chicken dinner!

I won something! Earlier this year, I joined an online community It was started by Michelle Sherwood at KSPR to help others get fit, eat right, lose weight and live better. Anyone who joined the community was entered into a drawing for a calorie counter...and I won it! I was so excited because I rarely win drawings. Michelle dropped it off to me at work today and I can't wait to try it out.

Thanks, Michelle!


michelle said...

I love your blog!! I'll link you to mine!

I'm glad that we got to meet each other face to face!

You'll have to let me know how the calorie counter works for you!

Angela Heather Hill said...

That is awesome! I never win anything either! Congrats!

shannon said...

Oops that comment wasn't Angela. I am at their house using their computer and evidently it automatically logged me in as her. Oh man I should have left a really crazy comment and pretended it was her! He he he!

Mimi said...

Hey Congratulations, I never win anything either, so it is nice to know that people actually win in drawings.