Monday, May 4, 2009

Moses and the broken commandment

Moses, my dad's yellow lab and Jax's best friend is one lucky dog. He was involved in a hit and run last weekend when he was traveling back home from dumpster diving at Highland Springs. Of course, this is just a speculation as Moses does not talk.

After missing for two days, my parents found him in a ditch. When they took him to the vet, they learned that he had a dislocated hip that would need surgery to repair. The vet recommended taking Moses to MU for the surgery because they have a great veterinary school.

On Wednesday, my dad drove Moses to Columbia and left him in the care of Benjamin a student at MU. Benjamin referred to himself as Moses' student. When he would call my dad to give him updates, he would say, "This is Benjamin, Moses' student."

Moses had his surgery on Thursday and was able to come home today. I decided to take the day off and go with my dad to pick-up Moses. Once we arrived to MU, we found Moses' student Benjamin. Although I did not meet any other students, I was very impressed with Benjamin as he seemed to have a good bedside manner. I learned that Ben is graduating in the summer and plans to doctor "large breed animals" as in cows and horses. His wife will graduate this semester and will doctor "small breed animals" as in dogs and cats. I could tell you a lot more about Ben because my dad asked him a lot of questions such as:
Where will you move after graduation?
Will you be a partner at that hospital?

My dad also gave him advice like:
Stay away from the exotic animals.
My vet, Rick Smith could use some help in Springfield if you want to move down there.

Anyway, after Ben showed us x-rays, talked us through the surgery, and the after care, it was time to see Moses. He was very excited to see his dad but we had to get him to contain his excitement so he wouldn't put too much pressure on his back leg. Other than the shaved hair on his hip and front leg (from the IV) and the staples, he looked great.

Ben and my dad hoisted Moses into the car and we were ready for our ride home. If you haven't seen Moses, I have to tell you that he has a HUGE head. They put one of those cones around his neck and it was extra huge. So big that a few times on the ride home, Moses would get the cone stuck on the back of the seat and the ceiling of the truck and start to choke a little. I had to turn around and get him unstuck!

Moses is now home and receiving much deserved pampering. Moses will be able to stay inside for about eight weeks despite the massive amounts of hair that will be shed in my parents' house. I told my dad that he would just have to vacuum a few extra times each week.


shannon said...

Oh poor Moses! Those cone things look awful! I'm so glad he is ok though! Has it been explained to him that he can't go dumpster diving anymore?

Mimi said...

So happy that Moses is going to be OK. I can only imagine how awful that cone is!