Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dragon Eggs

Last night Nick and I found two letters on the kitchen counter. The letters were addressed to two different people but both were requesting a dragon egg to be delivered to our house. We both thought it was a little odd, but it was late and I decided we would question Eastan later about his dragon eggs.

This morning, while still laying in bed, I heard this conversation:
Nick: Who are you sending these letters to?
Eastan: I don't know. Gabby and I got the addresses from a book that she has.
Nick: Well, you aren't going to send a letter with our return address without me knowing who you are sending it to.
Eastan: But I have to send it so I can get my dragon eggs.
Nick: I hope you have a stamp because I'm not paying for you to send a letter requesting a dragon egg.
Eastan: Well, can I show mom the book? By the time I can get it from Gabby, you will be gone.
Nick: That will be fine.

At this point, I had drug myself out of bed.
Eastan: Did you know that the dragon will grow bigger than the house.
Me: What is your purpose and goal of having a dragon?
Eastan: I am going to grow and train it. Then I will let it out in the wild so it can be free. Gabby sent of for her egg last week and should have it any day. It only takes seven days to hatch.


shannon said...

Let me know how that goes for you guys!

Mimi said...

WOW, a dragon for a pet. Let me know when the egg arrives, I would love to see it!

gmacarolyn said...

For pete's sake, let the kid mail the envelope. He's so dang cute, I wouldn't be able to tell him "no". Maybe if you don't water it, it won't grow.......

nick_hill said...

I just wanted to make sure he wasnt sending our return address to a satanic organization. The book is a fictional book. He put the envelope in the mail and they didnt pick it up. I asked him if he put a stamp on it and he said yes. I asked him where he got the stamp and he said he actually didnt put a stamp on it he put a spiderman sticker on it.

shannon said...

Ha Ha That is hilarious! A spiderman sticker! So did he eventually get a real stamp on it or does he know it's all a hoax?

nick_hill said...

No he really thinks he is going to raise a dragon. He hasnt gotten a real stamp yet but I have a little something cooked up for him once he does send the letter

Mimi said...

So what finally happened, did he mail it??