Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Plan & Implement a Successful Man-date

Man-Date: (n) Night of man-tivities such as drinking beer and playing video games
ex. My husband and his friend Jason had a man-date on Thursday night.

Step 1. Call your friend to set-up the date

Step 2. Call your wife to consult on the dinner menu

Step 3. Go to Harter House 24 hours prior to the man-date to purchase your steak & marinade

Step 4. Place the steak in the marinade before you go to bed

Step 5. Toss the steak around in the marinade before you go to work

Step 6. Call your wife again to confirm the sides that will go with the steak

Step 7. While you are at work, daydream about your night of man-tivities

Step 8. When you get home, make sure the house is clean

Step 9. Start the grill

Step 10. Pour a glass of wine

Step 11. Wash the windows (yeah, I don't know) while you are waiting on the grill

Step 12: Place your deliciously marinated steaks on the grill

Step 13. Eat your wonderfully crafted dinner of steak, sweet potato chips and corn on the cob

Step 14. Lock your wife up in the bedroom

Step 15. Lock your son up in his bedroom

Step 16. Have your buddy make his profile on the PS3

Step 17. Stand as close to 46" High Def, Flat Screen TV as possible

Step 18. Demolish all players & conquer the world of Call of Duty while you drink

Step 19. Say things such as:
"Get out of my way, dude."
"That's freakin' awesome."
"HaHaHa, did you see that?!"
"I couldn't move! They were right on top of me."

Step 20. Say "good-night" to your buddy, go to bed, and dream about next man-date where you will resume kicking of ass and conquering of the world.


Nick, Aubrey, Ella, and Kate said...

Hilarious post, Ashley! We need to set our Nicks up for a man-date asap. :)

nick_hill said...

Aubrey, you are correct!!! I know Nick is easy.... Jason didnt give me a peck on the cheek or anything......

Mimi said...

Omigosh, Ashley that was hilarious. I didn't know I was giving you guys corn on the cob for his "man-date". How funny!!

Nick said...

You said you liked me for my personality! But I would agree that marinated ribeyes should at least get you to 2nd base.

So I'm easy.... what?!


Hilary said...

A little birdie told me you guys had some wonderful news....CONGRATULATIONS! Hilary Peacock Austin