Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Blog Awards

My great friend Aubrey tagged my blog, along with 4 others, with the Fabulous Award. I don't know that my blog is very fabulous, especially when my post are so sporadic!

If you ask me, Aubrey's blog is the most fabulous of fab! According to Aubrey, she is the "least fabulous person she knows." Her reasons boil down to shopping exclusively at and, her only handbag is a diaper bag, she doesn't watch T.V. other than Elmo, she loves to cook and read, she is a math teacher, and self-described nerd. Aubrey leaves the following information out:
  • she is the mom to two of the cutest girls ever

  • she went from living in a small town in Oklahoma to residing in Baltimore, England, and currently in Germany

  • not only is she a "math nerd," but she has amazing writing skills and I believe she majored or minored in English as well as Math - basically she is super smart

The above qualities are just a few reasons why Aubrey's blog is FABULOUS. I especially enjoy it because it helps me feel connected to her and the rest of the PJs while they live so far away.

If I could, I would pass the award right back to Aubs. But there are rules for this award that I must stick to! Basically now that my blog has been tagged with the Fabulous Award, I have to share five things that I am currently obsessed with and pass the award onto five other blogs that I read.

1. Weight: I know this is vain of me. I'm sure you are thinking, "Ashley, you are pregnant. This is the last thing you should be worried about. This is the time to GAIN weight and be happy about it." I know you are thinking that because these are things people have told me. You have to understand that when I was pregnant with Eastan, it was not a pretty site. You can ask my mom. This time around, I am trying to keep up with my regular workouts and watch what I eat. I'm not pregger-exic by any means. I just don't run to Sonic or McDonalds just because it sounds good.

2. Christmas: I have always loved Christmas but this Christmas morning will be especially awesome! See The Best Christmas Present EVER? post.

3. iphone: Although I am not currently obsessed with this, I fear I will be soon. Nick and I are switching to AT&T on Sunday so we can have iphones. Nick is already obsessed and has been counting the days until our contract with Verizon is over. I have had the same piece of crap phone for two years and would be happy with any upgrade. I think my constant connection with the world via Facebook and the multiple apps that are available could soon consume me.

4. Zits: This pregnancy is making my face breakout. Primarily from my left temple, across my forehead, and down to my right temple. I sort of freak out about it because the majority of my life, I have been pretty lucky in the complexion area. I'm not used to having breakouts. What makes it even more annoying is that these aren't the type of zits that want to pop. They just want to sit under my skin, just enough to show but not come to the surface. This makes me pick at them while I sit at my desk or in front of the mirror at night. It feels like they are ready to burst but in reality, they are just a big tease!

5. Wilco: I don't know if this is a real obsession but I do love this band. Wilco is a band based out of Chicago that has been around for a number of years. If you aren't familiar with them, you should be. My brother introduced me to this band a few years ago. They are his favorite. I went to one of their concerts about 3 years ago and wasn't quite sure if I liked them. Then my brother gave me basically all of their music and I was hooked.

There are my five current obsessions. Maybe you learned something new about me today.
Now for the awards! My five favorite blogs are:

Carrie M. - Chicklet & Ducky

Carla - Two to Seven

Angela - The Hill Hotspot

Carrie R. - Happy Together

Stacy - The Silverwood Family

TAG - you're it!


Angela Heather Hill said...

Wow, thanks, Ashley, I feel honored to be one of your favorites. I don't know if I could be so bold or honest about my obsessions. I need to think about it more and that will become an obsession in itself.

Aubrey said...

Holy cow, thank you so much, Ashley! You totally made my day with your compliments!

I had EXACTLY the same complexion issues both pregnancies, and I'm a face-picker too. It wasn't pretty. Can't wait to hear how you like the iPhone. Nick and I are JEALOUS! :)

Hugs and kisses for you, Nick, and Eastan. Pats for Baby Hill!

Mimi said...

You don't look like you are pregnant yet at all. Have you even gained weight? You don't look like you have. As for zits, I have had them my whole life. Just remember that you only have to put up with them for 6 more months. I hadn't noticed that you even have one. You look beautiful all the time!!

Carrie said...

I feel honored to accept this award. Thank you to the academy and most of all to Ashley Hill, who never fails to inspire me with her tales.

I nominate you too girlie! Your blog is such a fun read. You just need to update it more! :)