Monday, January 11, 2010

Holy Cow!

So, I decided it was time for me to blog again. I just realized that I haven't posted a blog since OCTOBER. I'm sorry to all my loyal readers (all four of you).

Really, a lot has happened since October. I think about blogging about it but then wonder, "Who really reads this that I don't see on a regular basis?" Then I move on to something else in my day and forget to blog.

I can actually give you several reasons for not blogging on a regular basis. Number one reason being that I'm pretty OCD when it comes to writing. I worry about everything making sense. I worry about my grammar. I worry about not being creative and entertaining. Because of this, by the time I post my blog, two hours have past.

Why do I worry so much about this, you ask? Mainly because I over think EVERYTHING I write. I've always been this way. In college, Nick and I would write a paper at the same time and you would think the communication major would always finish before the computer information systems major. Not in this case. Nick would ALWAYS finish before me and not by minutes but hours. I used to call him the King of BS because he just pulled stuff out of his butt where I would over think and make sure everything was perfect. I do the same with my blog. I know of at least four people who read my blog that would catch all my mistakes.
1. My sister-in-law Angela, the writer
2. My best friend Jessica, the English major/former English teacher/proofreader extraordinaire
3. My friend Aubrey, the BRAIN and Super Mom (just kidding, Aubrey. I couldn't resist)
4. My mom who always read my papers before I turned them in

I could go on, but I'm writing this to say that a resolution of mine is to not let my OCD hold me back from writing on my blog. If I have mistakes, I know you all will love me anyway. If each post doesn't flow, you will keep reading....right???

So, to make this quick, here is a run down of the last three months.
1. Nick finished his marathon in Memphis. He is truly amazing. He wanted to complete it around 3 hrs and 45 minutes. His final time was 3 hrs and 48 minutes. Not only is he the King of BS, he is a machine!

2. Eastan worked very hard raising his grades from 1st quarter to 2nd. He went from no A's and a few F's to no F's, a few A's and mainly B's. Nick and I are very proud of him.

3. We found out that we are having a girl. I will blog about that later!

4. Eastan's winter break ran an extra week because of the weather. He was out for three weeks instead of two. Today is his first day back!

5. Our friends Micah and Jessica had a baby girl in December. Emrie is so precious and I can't wait for her to meet her best friend in April!

I'm sure that something is being left out...but I'm going to hit the "publish post" button now instead of worrying about it. Actually, I will re-read the post, spell check and then publish. OCD can't be cured in a day!


Carrie said...

Incorrect. You have 5 readers!

Rachel Peacock-Young said...

I will read no matter what. Flaws and all. I am so glad their are people having baby girls so Jerrytt will have girlfriends. If he is anything like his brother he will think he is the bomb and need few of them.

ashley said...

Carrie - you were included in my count! Rachel, you were not! I'm glad I have more readers than I thought! :) I bet Jerrytt will learn a lot from Elliot! I bet they will both share their love for Paul Kelley!

The Silverwood Family said...

I read your blog and love hearing what is going on with you guys! Wish we could see you more. Thanks for posting and congrats again on having a girl.

shannon said...

I read them too! I would much rather you post more often and not worry about grammar then post hardly ever because you are so worried about it!

And I am soooo excited "the teacher" wasn't listed as checking for grammar, spelling, etc. Of course I"m only a social studies teacher! ha ha :)

By the way I had no idea Eastan had improved his grades so much! Congrats to my nephew,Eastan! That is awesome!

Mimi said...

I absolutely love reading your blogs and I am so glad you are back! I can't wait to read your next ones
Love you so much!!!

gmacarolyn said...

Ah Ashely. I had no idea you were so worried about what people think of your blog. I wuodl raed ti ervey ady no mateter waht!!!! All of you girls who post are my bright spots in an otherwise dull day. Keep up the good work.... all of you... Bless your hearts...

Cheri said...

No mistakes! From one OCD to another you did good!

Love you lots!