Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Crazy Adult Party

Nick and I invited a few friends over to celebrate Nick's birthday & Christmas! Eastan told Nick's parents that we were having a "crazy adult party." I laughed at his comment but when the night was over, I decided Eastan gave a correct description of our party. I don't think writing about this party would serve it justice, so I will use pictures/video to tell the story.

I made sugar cookies (Nick's favorite) for the party.

Jeff Kelley, former member of the Ghettoblasters, was at our party.
Ashley Webster joined the fun....

as did the Bertholdi's
and, of course, Micah

Katie was festive in her Christmas shirt and silver scarf
The newlyweds were all smiles!

We were all having a grand time!

Jessica saw a picture of Eastan on the computer with his moon shoes. After asking what they were, I ran out to the garage and grabbed them. Since Jessica's nickname is "Safety Patrol" I grabbed Eastan's bike helmet so no one would get hurt. Jessica Bertholdi and Bethany also got in on the moon shoe action.

The fun continued with a few card games. While others continued to play the games, Ashley Webster decided she wanted to try the moon shoes out. Pay close attention to the commotion toward the end of the video. I'll explain on the other side.

I love that Jason and Justin are laughing so hard! They weren't the only ones laughing.

After the pieces of the table were taken out the garage, Nick decided it was time to read the story of St. Nicholas to everyone.

I apparently decided it was time to drink more wine.

The end.


Mimi said...

Now that WAS a crazy adult party for sure. Looks like you all had a great time. Did the table get fixed? Makes me wish I was young again and having fun with friends.

Love, Mom

gmacarolyn said...

OMG - this so reminds me of parties we used to have when we lived in Wisconsin. Acting stupid, breaking things, drinking wine, laughing and having a ball!!! The only thing you have that we didn't is.........babysitters!!!

shannon said...

So glad the moon shoes I bought for Eastan came in handy!

Angela Heather Hill said...

That is halarious. Wish we could have been there for all of that. I would have loved to have seen your expression when the table broke.